yoga that's good for the soul

whether it's a slow flow, restorative yin, fiery rocket or deep sound session, london based yoga teacher 
gemma is known for teaching classes that feel good for the soul.


 her classes consist of beautiful paradoxes; flowing but considered, uplifting but grounding,
challenging but relaxing, and engaging but accessible.
bespoke playlists set the tone for each class, 
giving a platform for intentions to be cultivated and seeds of philosophy to be planted.


gemma sees yoga as a process of unlearning and a way to let go of any anxieties, fears or stresses we have picked up along the way. it is her hope that you will leave the class floating, having achieved a little bit of stillness and connection in a world that is constantly moving... 

don't practice yoga to get better at yoga. 

practice yoga to get better at living.



© yogagem copyright 2018

photography by Monika Magiera

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